Naming Ceremony of LNG Sentinel II, held at Hin Lee Shipyard (Zhuhai) on 25 Jan 2024.

Hong Kong's first dual fuel vessel "LNG SENTINEL II" was delivered to Hong Kong in Feb 2024. The standby vessel was designed to provide 24/7 standby services and emergency towing for the world's largest Floating Storage Regasification Unit, Bauhinia Spirit, berthing/unberthing of LNG carriers, transport passengers and equipment, etc. to improve safety and security of marine operations and support the world's largest offshore LNG terminal, Hong Kong LNG Terminal.

LNG SENTINEL II, equipped with dual LNG-Marine Gas Oil fuel system, will emit 80% less harmful atmospheric pollutants to reduce carbon intensity in accordance with the Hong Kong Climate Action Plan 2030+.

LNG Sentinel II, dual fuel (LNG Marine Gasoil) standby vessel, is the first of its kind in Hong Kong.