Project Management

Exclusive Service Provider and Operator of 2 Standby Vessels for Hong Kong Offshore LNG Terminal

We have entered into a long-term charter party and service agreement with Hong Kong LNG Terminal Limited (HKLTL), the first offshore LNG terminal in Hong Kong, by supplying and operating two dual fuel (LNG-Marine Gasoil) standby vessels (SBVs) and providing 24 x 7 services for traffic monitoring and assisting the berthing/unberthing of LNG carrier and Floating Storage Regasification Unit.

The two standby vessels, first of its kind in Hong Kong, are designed, equipped and maintained as seagoing vessels to provide 24x7 services in order to enhance the safety and security of marine operations and carry out rapid evacuations in the event of an emergency. By using LNG as opposed to traditional forms of marine fuel, harmful emissions such as particulates, nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides will be reduced by 80%, which will help keep skies blue and the air clean in Hong Kong.

Protection of HK Airport's Permanent Aviation Fuel Facility (PAFF) and Sha Chau Aviation Fuel Receipt Facility (SCAFRF)

We are the sole appointed tugboat operator to provide prevention and protection services for SCAFRF and PAFF, the critical fuel supply infrastructure to support airport operation, during advent of a tropical cyclone since 2018. Over the years, we did manage to avoid the possible collision by unmanned derrick barge to the facility.

Integrated Waste Management Facilities ("IWMF") Project

We are the service provider of ocean towage, harbour towage and procurement agent for the transportation and port clearance of large-scale modules of the IWMF Project. Apart from towing the submersible barge between Singapore and Zhuhai, we shall be responsible for towing large-scale modules of the incinerator between Zhuhai and Hong Kong (off the coast of Shek Kwu Chau).

Incumbent Marine Vessel Operator of Hong Kong's Environmental Protection Department Transfer Station Project

Hongkong Salvage and Towage is the originator and principal transporter of containerised municipal solid waste in Hong Kong for both Hong Kong Island West & Island East as well as Outlying Islands Transfer Station Project.

We provided one-stop specialised marine transportation project management in vessel design, construction and operation of fully cellular hatch coverless container vessels since the inception of Government's solid waste management strategy in 1992 and was the operator for the follow-on contract.

Over 15 million tonnes of containerized waste were transported by our Design-Build-Operate vessels with on board cranes safely and successfully.